Many people don’t fully understand what occupational therapists do and the name itself can be slightly misleading.  We don’t help people find jobs, however, we do look at every task you do throughout your day as a “job” and the importance of you being able to perform those jobs/tasks.  Many injuries and disabilities prevent people from functioning and doing the things they love.  As an Occupational Therapist I look at your injury, how it is affecting your ability to do all the tasks that you need and want to do throughout the day and come up with treatment interventions to help you get back to life and function.  Occupational Therapy takes a very holistic approach to your care.  These interventions can be recovery from surgery and as a Certified Hand Therapist I have very specialized training in musculoskeletal disorders of the upper extremity and a deep knowledge of surgical procedures and rehabilitation for those procedures.  Other treatment approaches are different types of manual therapy, splinting, activity adaptation and adaptive equipment.  For more information about occupational therapy visit our national website at