Healing Hands Therapy

Creating music is your life's purpose. Helping you nourish your body, mind and soul is mine.

Healing Hand Rehab for musicians

Wellness and Healing Program for Musicians is an innovative program designed to maximize your health and wellness so that you can do it on your own at your own pace.

This self-study guide is created by a former pro musician, Occupational Therapist for Upper Body Issues, and an Intuitive Energy Healer.

Hello, I’m Heather One of 7300 Certified Hand Therapists in the world.

Physical pain is often a reaction of our thoughts, emotions and feelings. We are taught to treat the symptoms that keep coming back or at worst make us think pain is normal. In order to fully heal we need to dig into all aspects of healing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This is where I integrate my 23 years of training and science based treatment with intuitive energy healing to help you heal from within. A place where pain is no longer depriving you from doing what you love most.


Your music is needed to heal this world.

Did you know that 80-90% of musicians eventually develop injuries that can end their professional career? I was one of those statistics.

Now I’m on a mission to help musicians prevent injuries and heal from injuries fully.

This course is for

Pre-collegiate & collegiate musicians who want to get a jump start on learning how their body works so they can use it to the best of their ability to master their craft.


Professional musicians that have been playing for 1 year or 50 years….. habits that don’t serve you can always be corrected.

For teachers & professors who want to help their students be healthy thriving musicians.

It is for musicians

who do not want to be one of those awful statistics

who have dealt with an injury and really want to ensure they do everything they can to prevent another one and stay healthy

who want to invest in themselves to help ensure the longevity of their careers

who are dealing with an injury

who want to dig into the things that may be holding them back from mastering their body/mind and instrument

Did you know?

That balancing your body, mind, energy and your instrument make you a more powerful performer?

You can be proactive and prevent an injury in the first place. And if you have an injury you require a different approach to healing.

I have created this course SPECIFICALLY for Musicians from 3 different vantage points

My 23+ years working in healthcare treating injuries in the upper body AND working with musicians. AND
My perspective as a psychic energy healing.

Digging into what may be holding you back from getting into full alignment with your music and instrument energetically.

What's it all about?

I am bringing in the KEY points and topics that I work on with my private clients that help them get into alignment, get pain/symptom free and give them the tools to stay healthy.

This course has the secrets you need to know…..
So that what happened to me does NOT happen to you.

Empower yourself with the tools that will help you keep playing for the long haul.


What They Say

Sarah H.


I highly recommend Heather to all musicians who are dealing with hand or arm pain. Heather is one of the most thorough and well educated therapists I’ve ever worked with. Because of her specific musical background, she is very knowledgeable about how the strain of being a professional musician (intense practicing for hours and many hours of rehearsal and performance) can put stress on your muscles and joints. She knows exactly how to attack these areas and change some unhealthy habits (posture, tension in hands, etc.) to release this pain and start on a track to painless playing. She also gives great exercises to help with stretching and get at the source of the issue. I highly recommend Heather! She is an incredible person and will help you tremendously

Sarah B.


Heather helped me out a lot when I had ulnar nerve compression. I major in guitar performance so having my body in a good shape is an absolute must. Heather not only helped me recover from the injury, but she taught me many stretches and tips for me to use when my body is aching. If it wasn’t for Heather, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out what was wrong or what caused my injury. Overall, she really is a wonderful and knowledgeable person who truly wants us musicians to recover and get back to what we love doing everyday, but in a more efficient and less painful way.