Healing Hands Therapy

Heal Complex Pain and Post Surgical Issues with Trauma Rehab and Healing

Trauma Rehab and Healing for Upper Extremity Injuries

Upper extremity trauma is one of the most common types of injuries seen in emergency medicine. These physical injuries may be minor, serious, or life threatening and may require rehab after treatment. They are also typically accompanied by some level of loss, fear, anxiety, sense of insecurity and loss of normal function. These aspects also bring the old wounds and suppressed pain to the forefront.

As a certified hand and occupational therapist I worked in a very fast paced clinic for the majority of my career I was treating lots of severe physical trauma and pain in my patients. 

However, it was slow going, and people did get better from the physical aspect but there was always something missing that we were just not able to tap into in that fast paced world.
The emotional trauma, the fear, anxiety, insecurity of how to move forward. Working in my own way now offers me the ability to really dig into these areas with my patients and because of that people heal much more fully and quickly! Pain is not only physical but it is also emotional, mental and energetic!
My approach to Trauma Rehab and Healing is very different.
I integrate my 23 years of training and science-based treatment with intuitive energy healing to help you heal from within.


What they say

Joanne Kim
Heather is PROFESSIONAL orthopedic, and she is a HEALER! She has a deep understanding of bones, nerves, ligaments, and energy structures. My wrist is healed at nearly 100% after the treatments from Heather. I went to other therapists before, but nobody had invested this much time and effort to figure out the main reason for the pain on my wrist. She helped me work on personal issues that actually made my pain worse, and amazingly the pain released and showed rapid improvement. I truly thank her for her treatment as a clinician and a mind healer!

Constant pain increases our nervous systems response and our energy becomes out of balance because of it

Upper extremity injuries can significantly impact the psychological state and quality of life. It may cause the fear of performing daily tasks which leads to prolonged recovery time.
I believe part of my work is to dig into all areas of healing to make the recovery fast.
To truly help you on your journey, I offer customized healing solutions that bring you to a place where you can feel safe again. No longer residing in the lingering effects of trauma that can dominate your life.

Detailed Analysis

A minimum of an hour and a half for the patients Recovering from intensive injury/trauma

12 Follow-up Sessions

Promising you the best recovery all the time and by giving you 12 follow-up sessions

Tracting your Recovery

You can make the best utilization of these 12 follow-up sessions using over a 4 month period.

Not sure if you fall within the injury healing or trauma healing, contact me and we will figure it out together. Sessions can be virtual or in person

Who is this for?

Anyone may require rehab at some point in their lives due to significant injuries or trauma.
Significant physical trauma is a wound caused by serious injury from impact, violence or an accident as well as the emotional trauma that go along with these
The most common cause of trauma that requires rehab is road accidents. The human body is not designed for the large amount of force that occurs during this type of accident. Even if it was a minor accident and you were buckled up tightly.
So what defines a significant trauma:
Types of significant trauma:-
Just to mention a few!
Due to their severity, they require intense physical rehab as well as emotional and energetic healing to promote complete recovery.

What to expect:

A customized plan for your specific injury/trauma

Physical /hands on care if in person

Customized exercises and functional activities to maximize your recovery

Giving you clear concise information about your injury, how to deal with it and step by step things that you can and cannot do throughout the rehab process

Helping you overcome any fear that may be limiting you from getting back to doing what you love

Re-education of using your body correctly to eliminate any compensatory patterns that have developed

Energy clearing to work on releasing the trauma of the injury

What does it include?

An hour and a half evaluation/assessment. This includes a full upper body assessment, where your symptoms are limiting you in your daily life, where your nervous system’s energy is at (because it’s usually a bit frazzled when we are dealing with pain or trauma), education and initial treatment.

12 follow-up sessions that are up to an hour in length focused directly on your goals. You will NOT come in and do exercises that you already know how to do (unless we need to review them) or do busy work. Your time spent with me is for us to be working together, for me to do the things you cannot do on your own. Sessions to be used within 6 weeks of initial evaluation/assessment.

Working with me comes with an expectation that you will continue your work in between our sessions. I am your guide and here to help you with the things you can’t do, need education/adaptations/ideas on and to facilitate the energetic healing, but ultimately you are the one responsible for your healing.

Some rehab supplies are provided and some will be the responsibility of the client.

Depending on your progress fewer or additional sessions may be necessary which we will discuss throughout your care.