All of us at one time or another have likely visited the drug store aisle filled with all sorts of braces and splints for some injury we have sustained.  These splints/braces certainly have their place but it is important to talk with a healthcare professional to make sure you are purchasing the most appropriate splint/brace for your condition.  To take it a step further, Heather has extensive experience in making custom splints for the upper extremity.

What is a custom splint?

To make a custom splint you need very specialized training and lots of experience.  Splints are made from a thermoplastic material.  The material is heated to a specific temperature, cut and molded right to you and affixed with Velcro…..making a perfect fit just for you and only you!  These custom splints are used for all sorts of reasons: arthritis, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, nerve injuries, sprains/strains, fractures, tendon repairs, post-operative care and joint contractures…just to name a few!

So what does a splint actually do?

Splints can help improve functional use of the arm and hand, increase range of motion, decrease pain, protect structures that are healing and prevent/correct deformities.  If you have an activity that you love to do but can’t because your arm/hand won’t cooperate, a splint may help you get back doing what you love. Heather has made splints to help people fish again, play a sport and an instrument just to name a few!

How do you know if a splint can help you?

Contact Heather at Healing Hands Therapy Center to discuss your concerns with a Certified Hand Therapist.