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Being a musician is a very rewarding career but it can place considerable demands on the body that may result in injuries.

Most musicians just play through pain and expect it as “part of the job!” I call BS. As a therapist who has worked with hundreds of musicians, I can tell you most injuries can be prevented with learning body awareness, maintaining healthy practice and wellness. Just like an athlete is proactive taking care of their body which is their instrument to do their sport.

You take care of your instrument like it is the most precious thing. Imagine doing the same for your body. There is no need to wait for it to scream before you give it the TLC it deserves.

As one of the 7300 Certified Hand Therapists in the world, I have specialized training in prevention, recognition, and treatment of hand and upper extremity problems.

In these private 90 minute sessions over three months, I integrate my 23 years of training and science based treatment with intuitive energy healing to dig deep into what YOUR body needs to play YOUR instrument painfree.


What They Say

It was very difficult for me to find a musician-focused OT to help diminish my music-related pains. My clarinet teacher recommended Heather and it was the best decision! She quickly determined what was causing my pain, and after a few months, I was virtually pain-free. I would recommend Heather a million times to anyone who is struggling with pain from being a musician. We are like athletes, we have injuries too and they should not go unnoticed!

Megan Camillery

Things I look at:

What will you get just in three 90 minute sessions?

Session 1: Assess where you are

I will assess your posture away from your instrument. We will talk about any symptoms or difficulty you may be having & address those

We will go over in detail your pre-practice routine, your practice habits, any exercises you may do, discuss stressors/coping strategies and any other obstacles you feel may be in the way of you playing at your best and with the least amount of tension possible.

We will then dive deep into your posture and body mechanics AT your instrument. We will work together to find the compromise of what the body needs and what the instrument requires to allow you to keep playing for a lifetime without the worry of injury. If you are injured we will look and see what may need to be corrected.

Session 2: Customize modification

In the second session we will review any modifications that we made to your positioning with your instrument and continue with modifications as needed.

Modifications made to your posture/positioning at your instrument need to be done slowly and collaboratively.

Wellness/treatment exercises will be provided depending on the situation

Psychic energy healing will be added if desired as appropriate, personalized healing/balancing meditation as needed, addressing limiting beliefs/mindset/etc.

Session 3: Review and make adjustment as needed

During this last session we will continue to re-assess and modify positioning as needed.

Further education in preventative/treatment techniques will be provided

Wrap up, questions, etc.

Price: $988