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6 quick easy tips for musicians to keep you performing and doing what you love

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Repetitive Strain Injury is one of the most common causes that ends a musician’s career.

The world needs your music

Pain is an indication that something is wrong. Continuing to play in pain will cause further damage and may stop you from doing what you love most.

I have taught and lectured on this in numerous venues and it is a BIG passion of mine to help as many musicians as possible to continue doing what they love.

There are three ways we can
eliminate or minimize stressors:

Dynamic Warm Up For Musicians

6 minutes daily dynamic stretching designed specifically for musicians for injury prevention

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Private Coaching for Injury Prevention

Private 121 Coaching to dig deep into what YOUR body needs to play YOUR instrument painfree

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Wellness and Healing for Musicians

Amplify your performance by balancing your body, mind, energy and your instrument.

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