Healing Hands Therapy

Faster Recovery and Healing from Upper Extremity Injuries

Injury rehab and healing for Upper Extremity Pain

Many people say to me “ you just do hands right?” because of my advanced certification as a certified Hand Therapist.

This makes sense given our “title” however, it is extremely misleading! As a Certified Hand Therapist I actually specialize in the entire upper body-shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. Everything that is connected to hands.

SO, nope, I don’t just do hands but I love them and am a total hand nerd! And they are SUPER complicated and fun to treat!

Injuries in the upper body can happen for any number of reasons, but I’m a BIG believer that for every thought and feeling we have there is a physiological response in our bodies to those thoughts and feelings!

Aches and pains get in the way of us doing the things we love!
Surgery or trauma in the upper body stops us in our tracks!


What They Say

Lisa Marcantonio-Smith

“Heather is a talented and practiced CHT (certified hand therapist) who has been very helpful in my recovery from left thumb surgery, which I had done in May of this year. She has an amazing ability to help me reach my goals of full mobility and strength in my left hand, all the while being positive and encouraging. She cares about all of her patients and works out a custom plan for each one. It has been a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend Heather to any person in need of upper extremity therapy.

Constant pain increases our nervous systems response and our energy becomes out of balance because of it

Upper extremity injuries can significantly impact the psychological state and quality of life. It may cause the fear of performing daily tasks which leads to prolonged recovery time

I believe part of my work is to dig into all areas of healing to make the recovery fast.

For true healing to occur we not only need to look at the physical aspect of what is going on but also address the emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic effects an injury has on us and heal all of them together.

No two programs are the same, we work together to come up with a plan that works for you to get you back to doing the things you love and start bringing your life back into balance.

After years of treatment it became clear that a one and done way of working really doesn’t lead to the path of full healing! Therefore, for me to truly help you on your journey I have created packages! My minimum package consists of an evaluation/assessment/treatment and 3 follow up sessions done either in-person or virtually.


Who is this for?

People who have had a minor surgical intervention (thumb joint replacements tend to fall into this category even though they really are not minor from a surgical standpoint). Surgeries such as: carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, thumb arthroplasty, cyst removal, etc. (not sure give me a call).

If you have had a recent injury and want to take care of it right away! Treating things quickly speeds the recovery process and you will get back to life quicker the sooner you get on the right path.

People who want to test the waters of what physical and energy work is like.

Expected results:

Faster Recovery and Healing from Upper Extremity Injuries

Ability to perform daily tasks without fear of pain

Less dependency on pain pills

What does it include?

An hour and a half evaluation/assessment. This includes a full upper body assessment, where your symptoms are limiting you in your daily life, where your nervous system’s energy is at (because it’s usually a bit frazzled when we are dealing with pain or trauma), education and initial treatment.

3 Follow up sessions that are up to an hour in length focused directly on your goals. You will NOT come in and do exercises that you already know how to do (unless we need to review them) or do busy work. Your time spent with me is for us to be working together, for me to do the things you cannot do on your own. Sessions to be used within 6 weeks of initial evaluation/assessment.

Working with me comes with an expectation that you will continue your work in between our sessions. I am your guide and here to help you with the things you can’t do, need education/adaptations/ideas on and to facilitate the energetic healing, but ultimately you are the one responsible for your healing.

Many times additional sessions are needed even once the more superficial physical issues have resolved, this is where we may need to dive even further into the psychic energy healing.

Some rehab supplies are provided and some will be the responsibility of the client.