Body positioning is a loaded topic and there are multiple layers to it, and it’s not cut and dry. Our muscles and joints in our body, they have specific jobs and specific positions that they like to go into. They have very specific ways that they want to work. OurRead More →

Today, we’re going to talk about our series on practice habits. We all have our own specific habits that we go into as musicians: what we do and what we don’t do when we sit down to practice.  I want you to start thinking, what are your practice habits? IsRead More →

I am super excited to invite you to join our Masterful Musicians group – I’m so excited that this group has started. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. This group is for musicians that are dealing with injuries, that have dealt with anRead More →

From Musician to Healthcare Provider: Spread The Word To Help Musicians Prevent Injuries If you know anybody that is a musician that has injuries or wants to prevent injuries, please spread the word. My goal is to have as many musicians prevent injuries in the first place, and if theyRead More →