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Very often we think pain is just “part of life and they have to live with it.”  You may have even tried multiple things like rest, ice, therapy, even surgery only to have some temporary relief.

Hello, I’m Heather Mogielnicki. I have been treating upper extremity injuries for the past 23 years, I am one of 7300 Certified Hand Therapists in the world AND I am an intuitive energy healer!  Over the past several years I have worked with energy masters training me in opening up my intuitive healing gifts.  My patients get the BEST results when we integrate both the science based therapy AND intuitive energy healing.

I focus on healing the whole person, not just treatment. 

I became an Occupational Therapist after my career as a professional flutist came to a screeching halt because of my own injuries.  The blow was devastating.  I knew as soon as I held the flute in my hands at the age of 10 that that was what I was going to do with my life.  There was no other option, I was lost without my music and had no clue what I was going to do.  

BUT, my wise grandma one day suggested I become a therapist.  Initially I said, “no way.” But the universe intervened and guided me to OT.  Everything literally fell in my lap between college, scholarship to go, immediate job after graduating in the UCONN Health Center Hand Therapy Department AND being a founding member of their musicians clinic!  Crazy right?!

Without my experience as a musician I would not be able to have the impact that I was meant to!  Music was meant to lead me to this path of helping others.  Especially other musicians!


My almost 2 decades at UCONN was great!  However, I was still licking my wounds of lost dreams. On the surface everything looked good but emotionally and spiritually I wasn’t.  That led me to explore the energetics of healing in injuries. 

Physical symptoms, pain, and injuries can keep us from doing the things we love and our basic daily tasks.  Things like lifting a cup of coffee, opening a jar/bottle, playing an instrument, lifting a grocery bag. There are often things that are out of alignment in our lives, the stresses we have, energy we have taken on from others. It’s about really getting to the cause of the symptoms in the first place. 

I decided to start my own healing center, Healing Hands Therapy Center. This is where I blend physical and energetic healing which is ultimately what helped me HEAL.  

I see, feel and read the energy of the body/person/injury to help bring awareness to why the injury is there in the first place and to fully heal on all levels!

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